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The Replica Breitling Jet Team was supported by the self-governed Swiss watch Company Breitling, flew over an exact copy of General Lafayette's ship in the 18th-century. Hermione in the Chesapeake Bay, located in Dijon, France, this is their first trip to the United State, across the historical ship honor and praise the crucial role in the American Revolutionary War, and proved that the United States and France have lasting alliances and friendships.

Both General Lafayette and the Hermione played a pivotal role in securing American independence in the 18th century. Lafayette arrived in Boston, April 28, 1780, Ma Ying-Jeou carrying a secret message; he received the French reinforcements, and later receives the American Congress on board in May of 1781. Today, the historic ship represents the friendly alliance between France and the United States; a proper French civil aircraft team flew past. Team spirit is currently running 20 air force jet shows a part in the United States and Canada as the inauguration of the North American tour.

Jacques Bothelin said that as the Breitling Jet Team begins its American Tour across the country, they are honored to have had such a meaningful flight over the Hermione, which is such a significant symbol of the alliance between the United States and France. Jacques Bothelin is the leader of the Breitling Jet Team. He also said that with all of their pilots on the team being French, and the warm welcome they have received so far in the United States, The alliance a glory to pay tribute to the flight between France and the United States because they have experienced the first hand of the friendship since April this year arrived in the United States.
Following their performance at the OC Air Show in Ocean City, MD this past weekend, and the Vectren Dayton Airshow in Dayton, OH next weekend, the Replica Breitling Jet Team will perform at nearly 20 airshows in 2015 across the U.S. and Canada through October of 2015 as part of their inaugural American Tour. You can browse our website to know more information about this knowledge.

The precision and skill demonstrated by the team embodies Breitling's ties to aviation. Since the development of on-board aircraft cockpit timer, including World War II propeller-driven fighter planes, Breitling has been known as the authentic partner of aviation. This reputation is curing in 1952 when spirit launched legendary Navitimer wrist chronometer with a circular slide rule service implementation of all relevant navigation calculation. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts' objects of worship, it has created more than 60 years - It is the world's oldest mechanical chronometer still in production. In addition, Breitling replica watch has enjoyed longstanding collaborations with some of the world's greatest flight teams, including the U.S. Navy Blue Angles and U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, as well as the famous Frecce Tricolori Italian elite flight team, for whom Breitling replica watches developed the original Chronomat in 1984. Most other pilots love aerospace, established in 1985, the transmitter and the innovative emergency timer with a built-in transmitter which was originally launched in 1995, the new edition was recently updated, and it will be released on 2015, which is the world's first replica watches.